Customer Satisfaction is a Choice



The folks at Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc. worked with Acura to develop a Dealership associates training program. The aim was to focus the skills and talents of the people who run the day to day activities in dealerships across the country, with a goal to increase customer satisfaction.


To open the training sessions we worked with AMCI to create the video "Choose". The piece is high paced—high energy. Designed to grab attention and initiate the training with up-beat vitality, and set up the concept, success in business begins with you making a choice.


Part of the training spoke to managers. For the managers we created a special video built from the comments of top performers, and designed to share good practices.


The last piece was designed to help associates experience what customer satisfaction is.



Client: Acura

Agency: AMCI


Life is full of choices. What will you choose?








Agency: AMCI



The Maximilian film crew visited several dealerships to talk with managers at different levels and departments within the dealerships. The goal: find out how they motivate and manage their teams towards building customer satisfaction and create long term relationships that become repeat customers.

Love Stories


Client: Acura

Agency: AMCI


In the end it is all about building relationships. Getting new customers and earning repeat customers is of prime importance to automotive dealerships. What a customer thinks about us is reflected in how they talk about us. Here we brought to life real customer love stories and juxtaposed them with the showroom environment. The stories show us what customer satisfaction sounds like, what created it, and in the end it was the choices of associates that made them happen.