A Shareable Marketing Strategy



ConsumerMedical created an innovative business model in a tough environment with a radical proposition; what would happen if you placed consumers at the center of decision-making about their care, and empowed them with high-quality information? They believed this would generate improvements in all aspects of healthcare delivery, quality of care, satisfaction, productivity,and even reduced costs. Their concept has been proving right.


Maximilian Productions has had the pleasure of working with ConsumerMedical for a few years now. One day we got a call to work with them on developing a series of videos that was an extension of that crazy proposition of theirs. This time the question was; what would happen if we created a campaign that offered free advice to consumers? Would they share it?


This was the genesis of a series of whiteboard videos that really helps people with fundamental answers to five big questions. What Do I Have? - What Do I Need? - Where Do I Go? - What Does It Cost? - How Do I Connect?.


Along with each video they offer a free PDF full of valuable information. We learned a lot as we worked closely with their experts to develop these videos. We offer the videos up here and encourage you to share. You may know someone who could really use the information and wisdom.



What Do I Have?


Client: ConsumerMedical



Learn how to make sure you are getting the right diagnosis.



What Do I Need?


Client: ConsumerMedical



Knowing what you have is just the start. Deciding on what care you need is next.

Where Do I Go?


Client: ConsumerMedical



Do you know where the best place to go for your condition is?

What Does It Cost?


Client: ConsumerMedical



Understanding the varying costs you may encounter during your treatment will help keep you within your budget.

How Do I Connect?


Client: ConsumerMedical


Many people find comfort in connecting with others who have similar challenges.