Meeting Great Expectations


Every customer has expectations. It's possible you never think about what those expectations might be, or how those expectations need to be met. Competition for customers in the marketplace has raised the expectation bar, as more and more businesses realize how Customer Satisfaction is directly tied to their business’s success and growth. The efforts other companies make to win and retain their customers influence the way customers gauge your business.


Maximilian Productions put together a plan to find out how people feel about three specific leadership brands, Starbucks, Apple, and Ritz Carlton. We chose these three as having legendary customer loyalty and having impact on customer expectations in the marketplace. We interviewed real people, and they told us what tied them to these three brands.





Client: Ford

Agency: AMCI

Apple, Starbucks, and Ritz Carlton Hotels are three brands that manage to create extraordinary customer loyalty. How do they do it? We asked customers who have become evangelists for these brands, What keeps them coming back? Their comments were part of a training program.

What are your expectations?