Okay, you’ve gathered a special audience together for a big meeting. Now what? Engage them! Inject energy into the room. Ignite enthusiasm. Your opener must connect and stimulate curiosity in your agenda. A dynamic introduction affords your first executive on stage a perfect platform to tell their story from. We know how to elevate your event above the same old-same old.




Client: VW

Agency: Campos Creative Works


There is no getting around it. Business has been tough. Getting ahead means employing intensity, focus, and strategy, the very qualities required in champion rally racing.



Client: Intel

Agency: Campos Creative Works


Excitement means different things to different audiences. This piece was created to open a keynote address by Intel CEO, Craig Barrett, to a very special audience—developers. Developers are the people who create new products and capabilities with the core technologies that Intel produces. Mr. Barrett’s pitch to them? Look at what you can do to create a better world through innovation.



Client: Acura

Agency: AMCI

Created for a national training program, this video explores choices. What will you choose?


Birth of a Passat


Client: VW

Agency: Campos Creative Works

Volkswagen’s dealers were promised more product. VW built a brand new factory to fulfill that promise. The big news was that the factory was on-line. We took a dozen cameras with us to Chattanooga, Tennessee and made the promise real.

What's your favorite event opening?