Hyundai HCD-14

A Vision of Luxury Technology

Hyundai was creating a new design concept for their luxury vehicle line. The stunning HCD-14 prototype was to be launched at the 2013 Detroit International Auto Show in front of the automotive world’s press corp. The story went deeper than the beautiful new design. The objective was more than just getting the car onto a turntable and lighting it. This vehicle was a display case for new technologies that Hyundai was researching. Technologies that were integrated to aid the driver and elevate the driving experience.  The moment was arriving fast. We needed to do a shoot so we could display the new technologies and tell the story to the press. The problem was that the car didn't exist yet.


We needed to somehow create a story line that supported not just the technology story, but one that would also set up the live staging elements in their booth. We needed to create a platform for the CEO and the Head of Design to present their vision for the future of the Hyundai product line.


We created a character who would do a "technology walk through check" just before the vehicle was revealed. We developed a technique that allowed us to use the design team's 3D CAD files to place our character into that interior which had not been built yet. We also developed an opening for the press event that leveraged our character with a fun story line that teased the new technology in the car.



Client: Hyundai

Agencies: Innocean, Campos Creative Works


To begin the Detroit Auto Show press briefing reveal of the new Hyundai Luxury Prototype, we had a bit of fun telling a story of arranging the transport of a top secret product across the country to Detroit.


Tech Brief


Client: Hyundai

Agencies: Innocean, Campos Creative Works


This "Vision Video" gave the automotive press a walk through of the inside story of the amazing technology in the prototype that was about to be revealed.


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