The Customer Point of View



The J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Award has shown the automotive industry the value of a happy customer. It is perhaps one of the toughest metrics to grow because every customer is as different as their fingerprint. At every step of interaction with your customer, you have ample opportunity to fail. Yet when done well, the sales process can actually create customers that become very loyal.


Maximilian Productions visited with Infiniti customers in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles and listened to what they had to say so we could bring their stories to AMCI dealer training programs. While they were in love with their cars, and many of them have bought the brand multiple times, they didn't always reflect well on how some people treated them at the dealership.


While it is great to hear how happy your customer's are, it is when you hear about the problems that you can learn to do better. Here we share with you two pieces that focus comments on two dealership departments that impact customer satisfaction. 


Sales Point of View


Client: Infiniti

Agency: AMCI


For this taining module we focused the discussion on the sales process


F&I Point of View


Client: Infiniti

Agency: AMCI


The Finance and Insurance department are critical to a dealership. This module focuses on customer comments arrising how they were treated.





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