The Best or Nothing

Building a strong corporate culture is no small task. We are all individuals with behavior and decisions that have great impact on our customers and our fellow employees.  Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc. asked us to develop a series of videos to fit into a Mercedes-Benz training program they were building for Mercedes.


As the production company we developed creative, scripting, design, production, original music, and editorial post-production to create the right Mercedes-Benz tone to fit their needs.

The Story So Far


This piece had a difficult task. It needed to summarize corporate history and set the foundation for the training sessions. The messaging strietched across many layers of history of the organization. It left you with a sense of pride and an understanding of the challenges and objectives.


Every Day


The battle for customers in the car business rages on. The standards and expectations of the luxury customer are high. Yet it can be small things that tell a customer that you really care.


Every day, behavior that creates customer loyalty is practiced by businesses of all sizes and types. In this video we step outside the luxury car business and hear customers talk about  favorite businesses they employ.



Sharing success stories can really help people to learn. We were given real stories from real customers that shared how a Mercedes-Benz dealership team member made them feel valued. We did film recreations of the stories. They provide excellent role modeling for how to become better at what we do.

To Be The Best


To end the training session we developed an "Anthem" that leveraged the people and stories that support strong positive behavior in customer engagement and supported the Mercedes-Benz motto of "The Best or Nothing".