Maximilian Productions looks to develop and maintain strong relationships with our customers. Here we present a series of projects done for various Volkswagen events. Some for dealer meetings. some for internal programs. Each had a specfic set of issues and challenges that were addressed. They are all pieces created in our ongoing long term relationship with Volkswagen's event agency, Campos Creative Works.

Birth of a Passat


Dealers had been waiting in anticipation of the new factory being built in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This new factory would bring more product availability to dealers. To create the opening video for the National Dealer Meeting we went to Chattanooga armed with a dozen cameras that we attached to vehicles and robots in the factory to create an exciting factory tour and see their product being created.



The "who we are" and "what we are" of any business is hugely important. It is a complex mix of heritage and vision, and needs to be a shared story. It helps people to act with certainty when they know what they are a part of.


"VOW" became an integral part of a long-term internal training program used across the country.



When you think about it, running a business is a lot like running a race team. You strategize, plan and execute in order to win. For this event opener we were asked to work with this idea and were provided with access to Volkswagen's official European rally race team's footage. We developed the story line and used it to set up the theme for the event as well as introduce the first executive on stage in a powerful way.

Take Your Run


The VW Dealers were meeting in Las Vegas. New products were revealed and the opportunity to drive those vehicles was waiting for them the next day. The goal is all about sharing product knowledge and generating excitement about participation. We shot on the Las Vegas Raceway Track just 24 hours before this video would play. A little back story...  we had to dial back the energy so that expectations of the experience were not set to "We get to go racing!"