We Love Innovation

As we produced documentaries about innovation in over 35 countries, we saw technology that quite literally is changing what's possible in the world. Coming to market with something new is exciting. But what if your audience doesn’t connect to your vision? What difference does your innovation make if your audience sees no advantage in what you have to offer? We can help bring your innovations to life.

Transforming Education


Client: Intel


We have a long history with Intel, a company that invests greatly in developing purpose built technology innovation for the classroom. This means hardware and software, as well as training and certifying teachers all over the world. We were pleased to get the opportunity to create this video that was used as an introduction for Kapil Wadhera, General Manager of the Education Market Platforms Group. It sets the background for his keynotes and discussions wherever he speaks.


Tech Brief


Client: Hyundai

Agency: Campos Creative Works

Imagine that you are about to roll out a concept car to foreshadow your next generation luxury vehicle. It is not only a stunning design, but it has an exciting leading edge technology concept inside, one designed to create a deeper more engaging relationship with the driver. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. You want to make sure the press sees not only this eye-catching design, but you also want them to learn about the crazy cool driver interface. The Detroit Auto Show Press takes place in a few short weeks, and the vehicle is still in pieces. We built a vision video that demonstrates the technology before the car was ever completed. Give us a call if you want to know how we did it.

The Missing Piece


Client: Consumers Medical Resource

Innovation is not just a new gee-wiz bit of technology. It can be a paradigm shift in how you solve a problem. Consumer’s Medical Resource is a healthcare focused company that makes a difference to people every day. What if you had a team of Ivy League research doctors acting as your personal advisors?

What's your favorite innovation story?

What's your favorite innovation story?