You Should See Yourself


Your Brand has a hidden story. A story you need to know through and through. It’s the story your customers tell. In the age of social media, stories told by your customers create new customers. Will they be your new customers?  We’ve spoken to many customers to hear firsthand what they are thinking. What attracted them? What has their experience been with your brand? Delighted? Disappointed? Customer acquisition and retention are essential in today’s highly competitive and saturated environment.


These videos were created to become part of training programs. Employees need to understand the impact of their interactions with customers, and what a happy customer story looks like. How’s your customer loyalty?



Client: Mercedes-Benz

Agency: AMCI

We produced recreations of real customer stories to illustrate the commitment of Mercedes-Benz people to go the extra mile. This is role modeling.

Sales POV



Client: Infiniti

Agency: AMCI


We traveled the country to talk with REAL customers and hear what they had to say, both good and bad. We met some real nice folks who were brutally honest.



Client: Infiniti

Agency: AMCI

Finance and Insurance departments are part of the business of selling cars. They are also potential pain points that can hurt your reputation. This piece brings the voice of the customer to bear on those departments. The comments are real.

Client Love Stories


Client: Acura

Agency: AMCI

Love means never having to say you’re sorry to a customer. Real stories, real people.

Has anybody earned your loyalty?